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Hello Hello!

Hi, I'm Raya! Currently, I'm a life coach on the path to becoming a certified Marriage and Family Therapist by November 2024.


Transitioning from a career in classroom teaching to marriage and family therapy has given me a unique perspective, making me well-suited to offer assistance. During my tenure in education, I was esteemed for fostering positivity, joy, and calmness. I took pride in being the educator who consistently advocated for the well-being and growth of the children under my care.

Now, as I shift my focus to therapy, my mission is clear: to facilitate genuine, transformative change. Grounded in collaboration and empathy, my approach is geared toward unlocking your potential.

As mentioned, I am nearing the completion of my certification journey and will operate as a Therapist under supervision come Jan 2025, ensuring you receive the highest quality of care.


Let's embark on this journey together, turning the page to a new chapter of self-discovery and transformation.


Contact Me!

I'm here when you're ready to begin your journey! 


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